How to Gain Weight – Real Success Story

How to Gain Weight – Eduard Seibel – got 15 kg

“I have never been I’ll since I started Herbalife!”
I have been underweight since childhood. My sister called me “skeleton on batteries”. My parents tried to calm me down and said I would gain weight if I stopped growing. I weighed 62 kg since 16, while I was 182 cm tall. When I went to the beach, I felt ashamed to undress, and even when it was very hot I was wearing jeans instead of shorts. My thin legs killed me.
I like to play basketball, but my knee hurt during and after the game.

As I slept, I always gritted my teeth, and Mama was afraid I would lose everyone. I also lost my hair and was afraid of getting bald when I was young. I was ill 4-5 times a year. I started smoking when I was 12 and smoked 2 packs a day.

I have been using Herbalife products since May 2004. I was not even sick even though people were around me. I gave up smoking very easily. My hair is tight and shiny again. I do not grind my teeth and my knees do not hurt anymore.

What makes me the most satisfied is the fact that I have gained 15 kg in the first three months of using the products!!

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