Couch to 5K: All you need to know

Think you can’t run? prepare to be amazed!!

Couch to 5K helps perfect plan for you to accommodate fitness goals and banish inertia as the world fights to limit outdoor movement. A plan for you to move from your couch to a 5 kilometer run in a period of 9-10 weeks. If all your lockdown days you have been busted running marathons between Refrigerator and bedroom; this can be an instant antidote to your unhealthy lifestyle. 

Is it worth it?

The fitness market is flooded with training plans. Some make you run 2.4 kilometers, some 5, don’t be surprised if some even make you walk on fire or eggshells; the whole idea is for you to lift up your a*** and burn some calories. If it’s coming for free, not making you buy any new equipment & can be easily followed during times of Covid, I would say its worth a try. To know what all needs to be done in the plan you can download a couchto5k PDF online or probably an android/IOS app and let Siri be your personal trainer.  ???

Couch to 5K: The Idea

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The core thought behind the plan is to pump up your cardiovascular activity by making you train at different intensities while gradually increasing resistance over the course of plan. In simple terms “Interval Training” with a concrete 10-12 week plan for gradual growth. Over the course of 10 weeks, you run for a short duration and then walk and then run and walk, some strength training and eventually at the end a 5km non-stop run.

How many kilos will I lose?

That’s literally the most important question when it comes to training plans.

So, you are following the detailed plan and are doing the run as mentioned. Unfortunately, you are ending the day with a calorie-loaded snack which makes you overshoot daily calorie intake, so eventually, nothing changes its still status quo. Your weight loss scales might just tip a little left or right but nothing major to help you get self or social media approval.

In fact over the course of time your body will get so used to 5km it will become a comfort zone, and forget losses you might not even sweat after 5 km run. So, if you are not eating the right calories your weight loss program is set to be doomed. Yes, your cardiovascular and lung capacity will improve but the weight scales shall not shift much to your liking.

If our life is like a transformer movie, Food will be Optimus prime quoting “Its only me who can make your dreams come true”,  while everything else is just a small side role.

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Fitness is a lifestyle, it’s a habit; you can never get done with it. You will have to walk in daily, get your hands wet in the mud and find your way through. To stick to the process, you need to enjoy it. Find ways to bring fun to your routine. If running is not your cup of tea, try Zumba, if Zumba is also not, try yoga, if not yoga, calisthenics, if not calisthenics  

That brings us to the crucial question, do you like running?

If you love running, it can be a superb workout routine for you. What you need is a pair of trainers and a little bit of motivation to get it done.

If you hate running, you have the job sorted. Don’t even think about running a kilometer ever. Look for something that you enjoy, else this 5k would become a gigantic bag of refilling regrets.

Are you ready for it?

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You have adrenaline running high, you have a vision for yourself being THOR and asking Scarlett for a coffee, your motivations for life bottle is filled like Dalai Lama. But wait. The overweight category causes a lot of stress on joints and ligaments making you prone to injury. You should be rational about your program and focus on losing weight, starting with long walks, weight training to strengthen muscles before you go and gun for a 5K.

Here are some popular couch to 5K plans:-

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  2. Courtesy: www.typeonerun.org

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