It’s More Than a Gym

Many believe this is just a place to get lean, drop some pounds of unwanted fat, or add some desired muscle. There is so much more that happens here. When I think about my life and all I have been able to experience, overcome, and develop the mindset and resilience to take control of myself and have ultimate personal responsibility for my outcomes in all aspects of my life. It started here in the gym.  The above picture is my first barbell and squat rack at my parent’s home in Smith Valley. It is the gym equipment my grandfather would show up at my house at 5am to train with me before I had to go to school every single day.

He didn’t do the work for me, but he did it with me, and in that hard work, I was able to learn some of the most valuable lessons in life.  Hard work pays off. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Cliche motivation? Sure, I never honestly thought about why I am the way I am, why I believe I can accomplish anything regardless of the situation I am in.  But over the last few months, there was time for a lot of personal reflection.

Every person who breathes air has hardships, challenges, and stress in life. Life is not a competition about who has it harder, or who has it easier. Life is not a competition with the person next to you or the people you follow on social.  Life is simply a competition with yourself. Until you realize that, you will always be limited.

When I was doing 75 Hard, that was a very challenging time, and I was thinking during that time. What is God preparing me for?  The hard work and gut check I went through to complete that challenge forever changed me. Like many of you, I sit here today, stressed, filled with anxiety, fear, and worry. If I didn’t have the years upon years of hard physical training combined with my faith, my mental game to overcome the challenges that lie ahead would not be ready and able, and I would not be capable of staying in the fight.

Today, I challenge you to look in the mirror, tell yourself you are capable of achieving your dreams, and you are worth it.  Tell yourself you are in control, and you can accomplish whatever you want in life.  You are capable of being a positive light to all those you interact with in person each day.  You. Are. In. Control. But you have to do the work. No one can do it for you.

I love you all. Thank you for inspiring me to be better every single day. Let’s get after the hard work and be a positive force for good with our daily dose of discipline.

See you at the gym, and have a blessed day!


Coach Derek

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