Dream Garage: The Car and Truck Auctions We’d Bid on Right Now

We’re in a golden age for vintage vehicles. Aside from the usual Corvettes and Mustangs that have held collectible status for decades, a whole generation of Radwood-era rides is finally getting its due (see the skyrocketing prices on ’90s Hondas, for example), along with other cars and trucks that have suddenly become enthusiast icons. Browsing today’s lineup of online car auctions gives you a front-row seat to all the action—and a fun way to put one of these rides in your garage.

We scoured auction sites like Cars & Bids, Bring a Trailer, Hemmings, and more to put together a short list of some of the most intriguing vehicles up for grabs right now. See something you like? Bid on it. Not interested in our picks? Check back later—we’ll update this page with a fresh batch of car auctions every week.

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The Best Car and Truck Auctions

1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 3 in white parked next to a white building. car auctions
1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione Courtesy Image

1. 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione

Here’s a car with some impressive history. It’s number 398 of just 400 limited-edition homologation models Lancia produced, and it was built to celebrate the automaker’s five consecutive World Rally Championship wins between 1987 and 1992. In other words, it’s basically a street-legal rally car, and a highly successful one at that. This Delta HF Integrale is powered by a feisty 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and it proudly wears the red and blue livery of Martini, Lancia’s sponsor in WRC.

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1979 Nissan Patrol in orange parked on grass with trees in the background. car auctions.
1979 Nissan Patrol Courtesy Image

2. 1979 Nissan Patrol

If you like trucks and you’re from the U.S., you’re probably familiar with famous 4x4s like the Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, and Land Rover Defender, but the Nissan Patrol? Not so much. The Patrol was never sold in the States, but it was exported to many other markets across the globe. With its stout six-cylinder engine and four-wheel drive, it’s a rugged, bare-bones rig for exploring off the pavement—just as capable as those other trucks, but a little more unique.

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1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 in silver parked on pavement with trees in the background. car auctions.
1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Courtesy Image

3. 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

Want to get into a classic Italian sports car for the summer? Here’s your ticket. This GTV is beautiful, sporty, and an absolute delight to drive (the multi-camera driving video in the listing deserves an Oscar). The interior has been refreshed with new seat covers and carpeting, and the car even has AC, so you won’t sweat through your shirt when you hit traffic.

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2006 Acura RSX in blue with silver wheels parked on pavement with buildings in the background. car auctions.
2006 Acura RSX Courtesy Image

4. 2006 Acura RSX

For a more modern sports car experience, throw a bid on this Acura RSX. It’s the successor to the beloved Integra, and it retains a similar mechanical formula: An athletic VTEC four-cylinder engine paired with a smooth-shifting manual transmission (in this case, a six-speed). The aftermarket wheels aren’t for everyone, but with just 29,000 miles on the odometer, who’s complaining?

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1968 Commer Dormobile Autosleeper parked in a garage. car auctions.
1968 Commer Dormobile Autosleeper Courtesy Image

5. 1968 Commer Dormobile Autosleeper

Sure, you could rent a modern RV for your big summer camping trip. But why not up the adventure factor and buy this bulbous, well-loved, and decidedly rare camper van? Commer, a UK-based builder of commercial vans, created this camper version to compete with vehicles like the VW Westfalia van, and this example was originally sold in Canada. It has plenty of wear marks and patina, but the mechanicals and interior were thoroughly rehabbed, and now it’s ready to hit the road again. It’ll be a hit at the campsite—it even has a built-in record player.

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