The 10 Best Athletic Socks for Sweaty Feet You’ll Ever Need

You’re not the only one who has sweaty, odorous feet. Fortunately, choosing the best athletic socks is quite helpful. Make sure you select moisture-wicking materials if you need the best athletic socks for sweaty feet. These fabrics also combat odor by transferring perspiration from your skin to the fabric’s surface and drying fast.

Wool and Bamboo are notable exceptions to the rule that synthetic fabrics—such as nylon and polyester—are best in wicking away moisture. All-cotton socks are generally not recommended since they will become drenched and smelly after absorbing your sweat.

If you find this tedious, don’t worry, I’ve done the job already for you. Check out the best socks you can find for sweaty feet.

The Best Athletic Socks for Sweaty Feet

  1. Dickies Moisture Control Crew Socks with Dri-tech

This is one of the best athletic socks for sweaty feet
Credit: Amazon.com

Socks with Dri-Tech moisture management and control technologies keep your feet dry and relaxed throughout the day. Given that men well regard these socks, you will feel comfortable wearing them.

Their mesh ventilation channels provide better airflow and breathability, increasing comfort. They include arch compression for more support and stability to better suit your foot.

These socks are available in the crew, quarter, and low-cut styles.


  • Mesh fibers ventilation
  • Ideal arch compression
  • Added comfort


  • Not that great for athletics
  • It doesn’t fit well
  • Not durable enough

Available on Amazon for $ $11 – $42.00

  1. Cool-Lite Hiker Pro Midweight Crew Socks by Wigwam

Credit: Walmart.com

A breath of fresh air, these socks. They offer temperature and moisture management like the rest of the Wigwam Cool Lite line. To avoid irritation, there is no seam at the toes.

Your toes will appreciate the absolute comfort of these shoes!


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Avoid blisters
  • Great for hiking


  • Not great for running
  • Won’t last long

Available on Wigwam for $16

Available on Amazon for $16-24

  1. Elite Feetures

The Elites feetures is my favorite best athletic socks
Credit: Feetures.com

Feeture’s most technologically sophisticated sock is the Feetures Elite. I am completely smitten with their iWick fibers that help you manage sweaty feet.

Did I mention that according to the manufacturer, t has a lifetime guarantee? They will also keep your feet dry even after physically taxing activities like intense workouts.


  • Cushioned ankle tabs
  • Wick Seamless Toe Polyester
  • Great for running


  • Thin material
  • Not great for big feet

Available on Feetures for $18

Available on Amazon


  1. No Show Bamboo Workout Socks

Credit: Walmart

These bamboo no-show socks are unisex and appropriate for both adults and minors.

Many think bamboo socks are the softest and most pleasant compared to other antibacterial socks, and I agree.

Your feet will benefit from the cushioned sole, and wearing these will be comfy. It’s a fantastic substitute for cotton socks.

Bamboo socks are renowned for having antibacterial properties that keep the feet fresh and sweat-free.


  • Antibacterial socks
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great for running and other activities


  • Not no show despite claims
  • Not durable enough

Available on Bamboo for $23

Available on Amazon for $24

  1. Rocky Accelerate

Credit: Rockay.com

These socks have many fantastic features, including secure fit tops, compression bands, heel tabs, materials of the highest caliber, and more. They also include a lifetime warranty.

This gives you excellent cushioning and support where it matters most. The socks also have anti-odor technology; sweat-wicking recycled fabrics help keep your feet dry and fresh and also prevent blisters, or so they claim


  • Beautiful design
  • Minimal and fast


  • It didn’t prevent blisters as they should
  • Low value for money

Available on Rocky for $18

Available on Amazon for $15

  1. Balega Hidden Comfort

Balega has provided soft, breathable socks with air channels for several years. The ribbed lining on top helps keep sweaty feet from sliding, and this crew-length pair is no exception.

Although the socks are light enough to wear in warm weather, they have a high-volume, impact-resistant cushioned bottom that provides cushioned comfort while running.

Furthermore, extra-deep heel pockets and high-heel tabs keep the socks from slipping into your shoes, ensuring a proper fit.


  • Extra cushion
  • Good for running
  • Breathable and light


  • May shrink after wash


Available on Balega

Available on Amazon

  1. Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Dri-Fit Ankle Socks

Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Dri-Fit Ankle is one of the best socks for stinky feet
Credit: Amazon.com

Put a pair of these ankle socks in your gym bag if you’re going to the gym again, as they are suitable for sweaty feet. Nike’s Everyday Plus Cushion Dri-Fit Ankle Socks allow your feet to breathe while giving your toes and heels additional cushioning thanks to their cotton-polyester blend.


  • Breathable
  • No blisters


  • Not durable enough
  • Costly

Available on Amazon for $22-35

  1. Swiftwick Maxus Zero Tab

This is one of the best athletic socks for sweaty feet
Credit: Swiftwick.com

These plush, sweat-wicking socks have already received plaudits and are being hailed as cycling game-changers because they feel snug over the arch of your feet and provide support for the ankles.

The extra padding around the toes and heels for comfort and sweat maintenance makes all the difference for me—a must-try.


  • Affordable
  • Light and comfortable
  • Great for running


  • Not true to size
  • Not durable enough

Available on Swiftwick for $17

  1. Saucony Inferno No Show Tab Socks (3-Pack)

You can find these great athletic socks for sweaty feet on Saucony
Credit: Saucony

For someone who wears socks a lot, I always look for the best sweat-absorbing ones. The additional security provided by the tab on the heel of these socks is excellent. They’re not undetectable, but they still feel bulk-free and breathable.

They’re relatively light yet still cushioned.


  • Great for running
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Can give blisters after long distance

Available on Saucony for $15

Available on Amazon for $15-20

  1. Darn Tough Element No-Show Tab Lightweight Socks

Credit: Gobros.com

These socks help keep your feet cool by absorbing sweat, all while keeping off odor. The socks are lightweight and made of all-natural Merino wool, a moisture-wicking material.

Darn Tough socks are known for their lifetime guarantee, and this one surely doesn’t disappoint.


  • It doesn’t cause blisters
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable


  • Thin
  • Not true to size

Available on Darn Tough for $18

Available on Amazon for $15

What to Lookout for in Athletic Socks for Sweaty Feet

The main qualities to search for when buying socks for smelly, sweaty feet are breathability, antimicrobial, anti-odor, odor-resistant, and quick-dry.

You can also go with antibacterial features, as some socks feature silver nanoparticles that deter odor-causing germs and destroy them.

Got Sweaty Feet? Avoid These Materials at All Cost


Although cotton is the preferred material for apparel, it is not the same for socks. The worst products to own if you have bromhidrosis are those made of cotton.

Yes, cotton socks are far more breathable, lighter, and refreshing. However, they can’t take in as much moisture before getting damp and drenched.

Synthetic (Nylon, Plastic, or Polyester)

In general, socks made of synthetic materials might make your feet sweat a lot. In the summer, it gets worse. Synthetics aren’t exceptionally breathable, preventing sweat from evaporating off your feet.

Additionally, they are unable to absorb moisture. Thus, your feet will stay wet and sticky for a considerable amount of time. Even blisters and sores might develop from friction from the moist socks. It also offers the ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to grow, which produces a foul odor.

Stick To These Materials Instead

Bamboo Fiber

Socks made of Bamboo are excellent for avoiding sweaty feet, despite how bizarre it may sound. They are good for the environment and work wonders on delicate skin or skin prone to allergies or diabetes.

Bamboo regulates temperature, so it can keep your feet warm or cold as needed. The antibacterial qualities of bamboo materials are well recognized for preventing fungus while keeping your feet fresh and odor-free.

On your feet, they also feel wonderfully smooth and soothing.

Comfortex Fibers

This kind is intended exclusively to wipe away sweat from your feet. Its materials have four to six channels apiece to drain moisture away from your feet and are composed of specially developed polyester fibers. The fabric’s outside surface receives water afterward.

Many well-known companies use Coolmax fibers, including Puma, Reebok, and Nike. Typically, it is blended with cotton, nylon, wool, and occasionally spandex.

Wool socks

Most people already like wool socks for their remarkable insulation capabilities and plush feel. In addition to keeping your feet toasty in the winter, they also keep them cool in the summer.

This kind is included on my list of the best socks for wet feet since it has a more significant potential for absorption than cotton. It may absorb as much liquid as 30% of its weight.

Even though it may absorb more water, the surface stays relatively dry because the fiber holds the moisture. As a result, your socks won’t rapidly become damp or saturated.

Olefin Fibers

Olefin fibers have a synthetic origin but are made of polyethylene. This newly developed synthetic material is incredibly robust, light, and long-lasting. Additionally, it dries rapidly and resists stains.

In addition to being moisture-wicking, it is hydrophobic and can dry sweat 25 times faster than any other synthetic material now on

the market.


These athletic socks for sweaty feet are great options if you are looking for light, breathable socks that won’t make you sweat excessively. While there are many great options, like the  Dickies Moisture Control Crew Socks with Dri-tech or Bamboo Workout Socks, it is always important to consider the material first. For instance, the merino wool and nylon combo help keep you cool throughout your workout session, while cotton socks soak up sweat and get damped.

Whichever one you choose on this list, you will be in safe hands as I carefully selected these athletic socks to ensure you have dry sweat-free feet while going about your athletics.



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