How Train 4 The Game Decreased Coach Burnout with Automation in BridgeAthletic

Train 4 The Game is a renowned training center with a rich legacy of excellence, spanning over two decades of operation in Austin, Texas. They bring together a team of coaches with an impressive total of over 120 years of combined coaching experience. This esteemed group has successfully trained over 800 professional and college athletes to reach the pinnacle of their performance and guided thousands of individuals in their journey to regain full mobility after minor and major injuries. Additionally, they’ve helped numerous clients achieve their goals in weight loss and strength gain.


What sets Train 4 The Game apart is their team of coaches, all experts in Applied Functional Science, with bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, and several holding master’s degrees in exercise physiology. This level of expertise ensures that every client, ranging from age 9 to 92, receives personalized and top-tier training.

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